Meet the Teachers

General Information

Our previously-scheduled Meet the Teachers for April 8 has been canceled.  We are planning to hold our July meeting and are adding a new session on September 9.

 "Meet the Teachers" meetings are normally in April and July, beginning at 10:00 am.  This is an opportunity for Northern California quilt, wearable art and related topic teachers and lecturers to introduce themselves. Quilt guild representatives and shop owners interested in finding presenters for their meetings and workshops enjoy hearing the brief presentations and meeting afterwards with the artists. Early arrival is encouraged as these meetings are always well attended.

Meetings in 2020 are on Wednesdays,  July 8 and September 9.  Setup starts at 9;15am.  The program begins promptly at 10:00am on both dates .

Pleasant Hill Community Center - Pavilion, 320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA Map


Teachers who are NCQC members in good standing as of 12/31 are sent  information and application forms for the coming year's MTT programs.  In mid-February we add these documents to our website for those  who join after 12/31 or who would like an electronic version of the documents.  You can download the application form below.

July Presenters

1 Marjan Kluepfel 

2 Lyn Mann

3 Jenny Lyon

4 Skip Norman

5 Fern Royce

6 Colleen Granger

7 Arlene Arnold

8 Vicki Johnson

9 Meri Henriques-Vahl

10 Sandy Corbin

11 Youngmin Lee

12 Joy-Lily

13 Pattie Klimek

14 Kevin Kosbab 

15 Scarlett Rose

16 Helen Hardwick

17 April Sproule

18 Lisa Norton

19 Kellie Willey

20 Meg Geiss-Mooney

21 Jane Haworth

22 Lisa Thorpe

23 Petra Keller

24 Linda Hubbard

25 Kim Brownell

26 Sarah Goer

27 Sandra daRoza

28 Laura Fraga

29 Sandra Bruce

30 Rami Kim

Information and Application

2020 MTT Information (pdf)


2020 MTT Application (pdf)


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Use this form to contact the MTT coordinator.